Project Description

Location: 26 Mcillraith Street, Joyner
Job: Driveway 126m2 on slope, Plain concrete
Concrete Used:   Hymix 25/10 line mix
Finish:   Non-slip Broom finish

Job Details

Dug out hillside with excavator, used excess dirt to compact and create driveway with slope.

Dug out 300mm strip footing for drain with excavator, using 300 bucket

Poured footing along with the side patio and pathway.

Placed drain on top of footing and set into place, placed in12mm rods 1metre apart to tie into driveway slab.

Placed in crusher dust to level out area, placed builder’s film over area.

Placed in (nf82)mesh with 400 lap

Set up form work set to height.

Placed in concrete using line pump.

Stick troweled till the bleed water evaporated and then broomed with horsehair broom.