Exposed Patio Blue Glaze

This was 60m2 patio area 15m long x 4m wide

120mm thick on top ( 600×350 beam ) 4 piers @ 1m depth

We prepared the area using a bobcat/excavator 5tonne combo. We dug & removed 10m2 of soil.

A thickening beam was placed along side the perimeter of the slab @ 600mm x 350mm. We used  F11/4 trench mesh top and bottom making cages for extra reinforcemnet .

Four Piers where also placed into the natural ground at a 1m depth to support the posts for a later patio extension.

A 150mm step down was then prepared so we could continually pour into the BBQ area, creating one concreted outdoor area.






Hymix’s mix Blue Glaze was used.

We finished using pressure washers and working with brooms to create an even, exposed finish.

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